Our Families Say It Best
We love SFA because from the first day we became part of a big family, our daughters cannot imagine going to another school.  It is very important to us knowing they are in a safe and caring environment.  The support from teachers and staff that always go the extra mile to help the students stands out to us.  We can see the effect that SFA has had on our daughters in helping to shape the thoughtful and caring young ladies they have become.  We have been very blessed to be part of the SFA family and look forward to many more years of great academics and cultivating our Catholic faith.
- Parents of 5th and 8th grade students
Students are encouraged, praised, and loved at St. Francis. They are challenged within a firm set of boundaries that teach them to be good citizens. The faculty and staff live and demonstrate the school values everyday on and off campus. They enjoy being at SFA and it shows!
- Parents of 5th and 7th grade students

St. Francis has all the advantages of being a big school, but has the warm, friendly feeling of a smaller school.
- Parents of 2nd and 4th grade students

When you attend a school mass, you see happy students and happy teachers, loving and praising God! The students are participating in the mass and raising their voices in song. There is a loving Christ-like atmosphere here. It is why we send them to this school.
- Parents of 2nd, 5th and 7th grade students

SFA is very open and accepting to new students. We felt welcomed immediately and our children made friends and became involved in some of the many school activities available to them.
- Parents of a 5th grade student

Being involved in competitive sports, we have friends whose children go to various private and public schools across the city and county. We hear a lot and know that no school is perfect, but St. Francis comes pretty close!
- Parents of 6th and 8th grade students

Within our school, it does not matter if you are wealthy, poor, or in between- there is no status and there are no cliques. Everyone is truly here for the betterment of the students, families and community. I am very proud of St. Francis and the resources that are available to our children.
- Parents of a 7th and 3rd grade students

SFA is openly Catholic but very accepting of all people. We are not Catholic but feel very welcome and included in the religious life of the school and parish.
- Parents of a 3rd grade student

Our children love SFA. They are happy and safe, challenged and receive an excellent education, along with being taught the values of Christ. We wouldn't send them anywhere else.
- Parents of 2nd, 5th, and 7th grade students