Pastor Welcome

 Father Carl Hood
Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi!
Our parish Church and School is a warm and welcoming community in the spirit of St. Francis himself. In 1985, the parish was named in honor of the patron Saint of Francis Cardinal Stafford, the second Bishop of Memphis. We are a diverse parish that is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ, who asks us to go out to all the world and proclaim the Good News! We respond by caring for one another, praying each day, and going to Mass on Sunday.
Our Catholic school cultivates a closeness to God so that students begin to see an organic unity of all subjects outside of themselves. Our Principal, Mrs. Alicia Brown, and the teachers of St. Francis School are passionate about academic knowledge but also about the divine order of things: love, beauty, and truth. They are aware that the children under their care will on to start Christian homes as well as to live a culture of life and love.
That is why I am so blessed to be your pastor! It is truly amazing to see the very spirit of the great Saint from Assisi alive and well in so many people who give of themselves in pursuit of both sanctity and scholarship.
Being a priest for almost 35 years, I am grateful to Jesus Christ! As such, I see myself as a priest for every human being. And my goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to simply be present to people.
I believe that you will come to know St. Francis of Assisi School and Parish as a truly wonderful place and spiritual home. It is my hope that one day you will look back and smile with gratitude that you chose SFA!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Carl Jude Hood, Pastor