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Summer Requirements

Presently, we are revising a few of the grade-level novel requirements for Reading and we are transitioning from IXL/ALEKS to Zearn for rising students in grades 1-6 for Math requirements.  The completed requirements will be posted to this website as well as emailed to all families by the week of June 7, 2020.  

Realizing the importance of reading as a fundamental tool of learning, the faculty annually composes a list of books for students to be read over the summer break. All students will be required to read the designated book or books listed on the summer reading list.
NOTE: Optional Reading Study Guide Packets are available below for rising 7th and 8th grade students. 
The school computer lab will be available from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm for students to take AR tests on the following dates:

June 5th
June 17th
July 9th 
July 25th
This is available to all registered students in 1st - 6th Grades (based on 2019-2020 school year).


Students entering Kindergarten will have access to the internet based IXL Math Program to work on over the summer. They will receive their passwords by the end of May.

GRADES 1st - 4th
Students entering 1st-4th Grades will use the internet based IXL Math Program. All students will be required to complete 5 (Five) Hours of IXL at the rising grade level by the first day of school.


Please read below for students entering 4th grade:

4th Grade should first go to the 3rd grade level and find the topics that are starred and highlighted.  Students should complete the questions until 80% mastery has been reached on the starred topics.  If your student has answered 70 questions and has not reached  80%, please contact  Once students have completed the starred topics in 3rd  grade, the student should do the recommendations that IXL suggests until they have reached their 5 hour mark.


Students new to St. Francis will receive their IXL passwords by the first week of June.   FOR QUESTIONS OR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THE IXL PROGRAM, please contact Tina Sosnowski at


GRADES 5th - 8th
Students entering 5th-8th Grades will be required to COMPLETE “Chapter Zero” or “Course Readiness” a readiness chapter created in ALEKS based on our curriculum at each grade level. This must be completed by the first day of school in August. Students will receive an ALEKS grade based on the percentage of “Chapter Zero” or “Course Readiness” completed. Students new to St. Francis will receive their ALEKS passwords the first week of June. FOR QUESTIONS OR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING ALEKS, please contact Mrs. Donna Hosp at
See below for FAQ regarding ALEKS.
PLUS math students will be reviewing math skills from their previous grade level using the IXL, an Internet-based math program.  Students will complete 5 hours of IXL throughout the summer starting on May 25th and must be completed by August 7, 2019.
Directions:  Students should use their username and password to sign into their IXL account.  They will then need to find the topics that have a star next to them and are highlighted.  These are the topics that have been assigned for your child to "Master" this Summer.  If your child is struggling on a particular subject, please contact me at  In the meantime, please have your child move on to a different topic, and I will email you back.  When your child has mastered all of the assigned grade skills then please have them do the Recommendations that IXL suggests until they have reached the 5-hour mark. 
Dear Parent and Student,

Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. My name is Adrienne LeBlanc and I teach 1st through 8th grade Spanish. Lower school students have Spanish with me once a week and middle school students have classes 3 consecutive days in a 6-day rotation.

I have created optional the packet below for students in 5th - 8th grades to familiarize them with some basic grammar and concepts. I especially encourage students who have never taken Spanish before to complete the packet. There will not be a test or grade for this packet, it is simply intended to familiarize students with basic things we may have already covered in a previous year. All material will be reviewed in each grade during the first term. I am including a couple of online sites that will be helpful when completing the packet. Answers are included at the end of the packet. If you have any questions I can be reached at 

I look forward to meeting you in the fall.

Señora Leblanc

Greetings -

Numbers -

Telling Time -

Descriptive adjectives -

Family -

HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE COMPLETED MY ALEKS SUMMER REQUIREMENT? Students have completed their summer requirement when their home screen has a different due date than the first day of school. Click below for detailed description.
Click below for the presentation from the meeting.

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