2023 -2024 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Annual 2023-2024 School Year Tuition:

Grade level


2K Program

$7,950 per student

3K, 4K and Kindergarten

$9,950 per student

1st - 5th Grade

$10,625 per student

6th - 8th Grade

$11,175 per student


RISE Program:

For those students qualified to participate in the RISE (Reaching Individual Success & Excellence) Program, our new student support program, traditional tuition rates apply along with the specific program fees listed below. For more information on the RISE Program, please email [email protected].


Grade Level

RISE Program Fees

2nd - 3rd Grades for FULL DAY PROGRAM


4th - 5th Grades HALF-DAY PROGRAM (ELA & Math)


6th - 8th Grades PER COURSE PRICING (ELA, Math, History and Science)


Members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish Discount: $2,000 discount off the above stated 3K-8th Grade tuition.  The discount is granted to registered Parishioners that financially support St. Francis of Assisi Parish through verifiable contributions for a minimum of six months.   This is verified through the St. Francis Church Office. (901-756-1213).
Sibling Discount: Is offered to students in grades 3K - 8.   First student, full-tuition: second student, $500 discount; third student and more $750 discount per student. 
Payment Plan: Tuition and Incidentals are required to be paid through FACTS Family Portal. A $55 annual sign-up fee, per family, will be charged by FACTS to your account. Tuition may be paid monthly over eleven months from May 2023 through March 2024, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If annual, the full amount is due August 2023. All Incidental fees are due within ten days of billing. All tuition and incidentals are required to be auto pay within FACTS (scheduled payments are automatically deducted from your financial account). Payments that are 30 days late may result in your child not being eligible to participate in athletics and all other extra-curricular activities
See below for SFA Business Office Policies & Procedures. 
For more information regarding tuition or the FACTS payment process, please contact Tina Sosnowski, Business Office Manager at 901-381-2566.