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Tuition and Financial Aid

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees
Members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish  
Registered parishioners that financially support St. Francis of Assisi Parish through consistent, verifiable contributions.
PK-5th Grade                                                                            $  6,950
6th-8th Grade                                                                               7,300
PLUS Program (All Grades)                                                         9,500
All Other Families
PK-5th Grade                                                                             $ 8,950
6th-8th Grade                                                                               9,300
PLUS Program (All Grades)                                                      11,500
Sibling Discount
(Full Time Students Only)                                    
2nd Child (per student)                                                              $  500
3rd or more children (per student)                                              750
Part-Time Program
(2's, 3's and 4-year-olds)
2 Days/Week                                                                           $   2,100
3 Days/Week                                                                                3,150
4 Days/Week                                                                                4,200
5 Days/Week                                                                                5,250
FACTS Enrollment Fee                                                              
Annual Payment Plan                                                                 $   20
Quarterly or Monthly Payment Plan                                             50
Technology Fee
PK-2nd Grade                                                                            $   200
3rd-5th Grade                                                                                 300
6th-8th Grade                                                                                 450
Enrollment Fee
Students in PK-8                                                                         $  250
(Late fee after 2/15 - returning students only                           100
Students in Part-Time Program                                                     70
(Late feel after 2/15 - returning students only)                           30
Workbook Fees
Varies by grade level - determined and billed to FACTS Incidental Fees in August, 2019. 
For more information regarding tuition or the FACTS payment process, please contact Tina Sosnowski, Business Office Manager at 901-381-2566.
Tuition Assistance

Investing in Your Child's Future

For most families, investing in a Catholic school education requires careful financial planning and commitment.  As you will learn through the admissions process, families find great value in our educational experience and the distinctive way in which we prepare our students for the future.


We are committed to ensuring that the SFA experience is available to all qualified students.  A limited amount of tuition assistance, for students in grades K (Kindergarten) through 8, is awarded based on a family's financial need and available funding in a completely confidential process.  Please review our Tuition Assistance Information Form below for more details. In addition, the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment link below details which supporting materials are necessary to complete your Tuition Assistance application.