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Used Uniform Sale

Sponsored by SFA Parent Teacher Organization Annually

If you need to uniform pieces anytime THROUGHOUT the school year, email Erica at for available items. There is always a collection of items available!

Next Sale Date - TBD 

Used Uniform Home Page and Login
Used Uniform New Consignor Registration
Used Uniform Item Entry and Tag Printing
Used Uniform Mailing List Signup

Consignor Rules / FAQs:

All Items must be entered into the system and tags printed by XX at 10:00pm.
The system will be completely closed after this time.

General Information

You will receive 75% of the price you set for your items. You do not receive extra if you volunteer to work. This amount will be credited to your school tuition account. If you no longer have a child attending SFA school, you must contact us prior to the sale at to set up other payment arrangements.

Minimum price is $0.50 for your items

Anything NOT picked up by 6:00 pm on XX will be donated to SFA PTO

St. Francis is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

If you DO NOT want clothes donated, you will need to pick your clothes up during the specified time.

Tag Placement and Clothing Information

Tags must be generated by the software provided through this website. Six print to a page. Use thin card stock, not adhesive.

Only 1 tag per item or set.

*Please Note there are NEW instructions for hanging and folding items & Drop off requirements*
Clothing must be hung on wire or heavy duty plastic hangers. The hanger hook should face left (like a question mark) with the tag pinned to right side of garment as you face it.

The following items should be hung according to the above instructions:
All button down shirts, polos, jumpers, jackets, fleece, new quarter zip gray sweatshirts, and spirit shop items.

The following items should be folded with the tag pinned to the top, right side of the garment as you face it:
All PE shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, plaid skirts, khaki pants, khaki shorts, khaki skorts, all sweaters, leggings and under skirt shorts.

Shoes, ties, hair bows, & socks should be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag on the item insided the bag.

Books can be sold individually or as a set bundled together and in a ziploc bag with the tag attached to the book or set. Please note on the tag if it is a set and if applicable; what grade it is required for reading.

Clothing should be in size order by gender when dropped off.

Clothing will be inspected upon drop off. Items should be uniform or spirit shop purchases; no year dated clothing please. All clothing should be laundered prior to selling. Uniform clothing and shoes should not have handwriting or marks on them and free of holes. If items do not meet these school standards they will be returned to you and not sold.

Tagging Info:

Software generated tags are required on ALL items.

All tags should include the price, description and size of your item. (This is invaluable information if the tag has been removed or wording worn off.)

All tags must be printed on card stock or labels affixed to index cards.

Safety Pin must be pinned horizontally across the top of the tag.

Straight Pins are not acceptable! These cause injuries to the workers.

Barcode Info:

Consignors are required to pring their own tags -see above link for Consignor Item Entry & Tag Printing

Questions about the sale, please send an email to: